Off, Gefjon (2022). Gender equality salience, backlash and radical right voting in the gender-equal context of Sweden. West European Politics. Access here.

Off, Gefjon, Nicholas Charron & Amy Alexander (2022). Who perceives women’s rights as threatening to men and boys? Explaining modern sexism among young men in Europe (2022). Frontiers in Political Science. Access here.

Work in progress

PhD dissertation

Contested feminism: Polarization, backlash and the radical right (working title)

My dissertation explores mass polarization over feminism, with a focus on individuals’ backlash against feminism and radical right support. I use quantitative and qualitative methods (survey data analysis, a survey experiment and interviews) and data from all European Union countries, as well as single country studies of Sweden and Germany.

Journal articles

Women’s rights and immigration as triggers of polarization between social liberals and conservatives: A survey experiment in 27 EU Member States (with Amy Alexander and Nicholas Charron, under review)

Antifeminism in an atypical context: How East German radical right voters argue about feminism (under review)

“White men are the victims”: Radical right voters’ perceptions of societal power structures


Emancipative gender values and opposition to political authoritarianism (working title, with Amy Alexander)


Blog posts

How conservatives react against feminist mobilisations and turn to the radical right. Blog post in ECPR’s Political Science Blog – The Loop. July 2022. Click here to read.

Media interviews

Grootste seksisten? Niet de boomers, maar jonge mannen voelen zich meest bedreigd door gendergelijkheid. (Translates to: Biggest Sexists? Not the boomers, but young men feel most threatened by gender equality). Interview with Jorn Lelong, De Morgen. August 2022. Click here to read (in Flemish).

Ny studie: Unga män mest negativa till ökade rättigheter för kvinnor. (Translates to: New study: Young men most negative towards advances in women’s rights). Interview with Olle Bergvall, Dagens Arena. September 2022. Click here to read (in Swedish).

The study on European young men’s modern sexism was also covered by the Swedish news agency TT nyhetsbyrån (interview with Alice Nordevik), and then taken up by the Swedish newspapers Sydsvenskan, Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs-Posten and Aftonbladet, amongst others.
It was further covered by Radio Sweden (interview with Maya Naylor, in English) and the radio show P3 Nyheter (interview with Irma Eneroth, in Swedish and English). September 2022.