Peer-reviewed publications

Off, Gefjon (2022). Gender equality salience, backlash and radical right voting in the gender-equal context of Sweden. West European Politics. Access here.

Off, Gefjon, Nicholas Charron & Amy Alexander (2022). Who perceives women’s rights as threatening to men and boys? Explaining modern sexism among young men in Europe (2022). Frontiers in Political Science (in a special issue on “Mind the Backlash: Gender Discrimination and Sexism in Contemporary Societies” edited by Hilde Coffé, Susan Banducci, Marta Fraile, Jessica Fortin-Rittenberger, and Amy Alexander). Access here.

Work in progress

PhD dissertation

Contested feminism: Backlash and the radical right (working title)

My dissertation explores voters’ antifeminism and radical right support. I use mixed methods (survey data analysis, a survey experiment and interviews) and comparative data from all EU countries, as well as single country studies of Sweden and Germany.

Journal articles

Complexities and nuances in radical right voters’ antifeminism (Revise & resubmit)

The polarizing effects of women’s rights and refugee immigration: A survey experiment in 27 EU Member States (with Amy Alexander and Nicholas Charron, under review)

“Reverse intersectionality”: Multidimensional cultural grievances over gender, sexuality and immigration


Gendering Political Authoritarianism: Emancipative gender values and opposition to political authoritarianism (with Amy Alexander, contract with Cambridge Elements Gender & Politics series)