I have had the great opportunity and honor to share some of my and my co-authors work with a greater audience via blog posts, participation in podcasts, and journalist interviews. As a result, our work has been covered by leading newspapers in Sweden and abroad, including on their Instagram and TikTok accounts. It was further covered on national radio and TV broadcasters in the newscast and in talk shows, where it was discussed by leading national politicians and civil society, amongst others.

Blog posts

How conservatives react against feminist mobilisations and turn to the radical right. Blog post in ECPR’s Political Science Blog – The Loop. July 2022. Click here to read.

The Swedish elections: takeaways for the study of illiberalism. Blog post in ECPR’s Political Science Blog – The Loop. September 2022. Click here to read.

Participation in podcasts

Modern sexism in Europe. Europe Talks Back. September 2022.

Varför är unga män kritiska till jämställdhet? Vad Vi Vet idag. November 2022.

Media interviews

Grootste seksisten? Niet de boomers, maar jonge mannen voelen zich meest bedreigd door gendergelijkheid. (Translates to: Biggest Sexists? Not the boomers, but young men feel most threatened by gender equality). Interview with Jorn Lelong, De Morgen (Belgium). August 2022. Click here to read.

Ny studie: Unga män mest negativa till ökade rättigheter för kvinnor. (Translates to: New study: Young men most negative towards advances in women’s rights). Interview with Olle Bergvall, Dagens Arena (Sweden). September 2022. Click here to read.

Genervt von der Frauenförderung. (Translates to: Annoyed by the promotion of women). Interview with Bettina Weber, for SonntagsZeitung (Switzerland). October 2022. Click here to read.  

Forskning: Svenska unga män moderna sexister. (Translates to: Research: Swedish young men [are] modern sexists). Interview with Ellinor Skagegård, for Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden). November 2022. Click here to read.

I also gave an interview about the study on European young men’s modern sexism to the Swedish news agency TT nyhetsbyrån, which was then taken up by the Swedish newspapers Sydsvenskan, Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs-Posten and Aftonbladet, amongst others. Further, the Swedish public service TV channel SVT reported on the study. In the Swedish talkshow Sverige Möts, the study was discussed in-depth by the Swedish minister for gender equality, amongst others. September/ October/ November 2022.

I further gave interviews about this study to Radio Sweden and the radio shows P3 Nyheter and P4 Sjuhärad. Further, I was interviewed by the private Swedish TV channel TV4, and for the Instagram (155k views) and TikTok (329k views) channels of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. September/ October 2022.

Beyond Sweden, The Telegraph and The Independent (United Kingdom), and the TV broadcaster TeleZüri (Switzerland) reported on the study on European young men’s modern sexism. October 2022.